• Our St. Johns County Store

  • St. Johns Dry Cleaners - 100 Gateway Circle Suite 103
    St. Johns, Florida 32259
    904 460-2533

    St. Johns Dry Cleaners
    Special Introductory Discounts Dry Cleaning ...$2.00  
    Men's Dress Shirts (any starch) .99 cents
    Small Size Laundry Blankets ..$8.00

  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service (St. Johns County. prices)

    Dry Cleaning
    All basic items: shirts pants blouses jackets suits etc.

    Men's Shirts/Laundry
    All men's shirts: any starch

    Pants starch All jeans/pants
    Comforter Laundry (most)
    Wash Dry & Fold Laundry (per .lb)
    Leather Suede (Professionally Cleaned)
low prices...please ask
    Press Only (Professionally Pressed) $1.50 Each
    Shoe Repair.
  • Best Dry Cleaners

    Enjoy the convenience of Best Dry Cleaners Free pickup and delivery service by signing up with us. Our Pickup & Delivery Personal valets will come by your home, multifamily residence, or office to pick up your personalized laundry bag & return your garments on the following scheduled day.



  • Pickup & Delivery

    We travel twice a week to your home or business that we do same day service.
    Environment Fee 7% (only on Pickup and delivery)
    Print the monthly coupons for special deals
    Bring your clothes to be cleaned and bring your shoes to be repaired.
    All under the same roof. 

  • Fire & Water Damage Restoration.

    Click Here for Information on Fire & Water Restoration Dry Cleaning

    We Do Fire & Water Damage Insurance Covered Restoration. 
    We specialize in cleaning and restoring the items a regular dry cleaner is not capable of cleaning.

  • Our Staff

    Our Staff are responsible for cleaning, pressing, ironing, mending and sewing a variety of different items, but most often clothing. Dry cleaner staff workers are also responsible for operating machines such as washers, dryers, dry cleaners and extractors. 

  • Dry Cleaning

    We are an all service cleaner and perform our cleaning with the highest standards of quality and care. 

    Dry Cleaning - We make sure all garments are well cared for and cleaned properly.