• Shoe Repair

  • Best Shoe Repair employs time honored methods of rebuilding shoes that go many steps further than traditional repairs. We restore and rebuild men’s shoes from all of your favorite brands using top grade materials that we source from our travels all over the world.

    If it’s your classic dress shoes, favorite casual loafers, or reliable work boots we carefully handle every pair that comes in for service as if it’s our own

    Whether it’s a worn down pair of heel taps or a well-worn coveted red sole, Best Shoe Repair will re-new and revive all of your cherished shoe brands.

  • We do all of our repairs onsite.

    • Vibram® Full Sole Repair
    • Men's Half Sole & Heels
    • Men's Full Sole & Heels
    • Men's Rubber Heels
    • Men's Half Rubber Soles & Rubber Heels
    • Men's Half Rubber Soles & Rubber Heels(Cowboy Boots)
    • Men's Full Leather Soles & English Heels
    • Cowboy Boots Full Soles & Heels
    • Cowboy Boots Heels
    • Work Boots Heels
    • Women's Half Rubber Sole & Heels
    • Women's Rubber Heels Small, Medium , Large