• Dry Cleaning

  • We are an all service cleaner and perform our cleaning with the highest standards of quality and care.
    If you get it dirty, we can get it clean; from hats to purses to leather, formal wear or casual wear, we got it covered.
    Dry Cleaning - We make sure all garments are well cared for and cleaned properly.

  • How We Process the Order

    1. First, garments are placed into a washing/extraction chamber.
    2. Most wash cycles last between 8-15 minutes
    3. During the first three minutes of the wash cycle of the dry cleaning process
    4. Approximately ten to twelve minutes into the wash cycle, the ground-in insoluble soils begin to loosen from the fabric fibers.
    5. After swishing around with all that well-used perc and soil, the garments are rinsed with fresh distilled solvent.
    6. In the drying cycle of the dry cleaning process, warm air is passed through the clothes and then through a chiller unit that condenses the solvent vapors and returns them to the distilled solvent tank to be reused